Kosovo landscape

From all those countries where I grew up and have lived in, I’ve learnt one important thing: No matter where you are or who you are with, there is always something beautiful that you can find and appreciate. These are the aspects that made me fall in love with every country I’ve lived in: Denmark, America, Palestine, Pakistan, Maldives, Italy, Kosovo.

On a recent morning I fell in love with Kosovo a little bit more – the natural landscape is beautiful here, the people are so warm and hospitable, and yes, there is even beauty in Pristina’s city-scape…

Kosovo cityscape

About transitiongirl

Yogini/yoga teacher, budding photographer, diver, development worker, on a journey of discovery and transition, now in Kosovo
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3 Responses to Beauty

  1. I love the atmosphere in that first photo. Very dramatic.

  2. Rifqi says:

    I agree that it’s a dramatic landscape and I like the scale of it.

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