Wine tasting on Vespas and Rome’s quiet treasure

I love Italy, well who doesn’t? However, being half Italian, with only one passport (Italian) and yet, having never really lived in Italy, you could say I still need to explore ‘my’ country.

So, once I read today’s two travel-related NYT articles that arrived in my inbox, I was inspired to follow suit and explore the “working-class neighborhood in the heart of [Rome’s] historic center” and taste the wines closer to my ancestral home in Friuli (Tuscany, been there, done that… ok, I haven’t but most Italian-lovers have!)

I am always looking for something different yet accessible, something I can do on a short vacation (since I live ‘relatively’ nearby in Kosovo)…. especially a way to show friends different and lesser known parts of Italy -or Rome 🙂

Who can recommend other less frequented parts of Italy?

About transitiongirl

Yogini/yoga teacher, budding photographer, diver, development worker, on a journey of discovery and transition, now in Kosovo
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