Vacation, all I ever needed …

Maldives, my eternal dream holiday destination

Remember that song by the Go Go’s? aaaah summer time, though it’s windy and stormy in Kosovo right now.

I’m relieved to be taking some time off, but as usual, rather than lying on a beach to rest, I am flying all over Europe: first to the UK to visit family, then to Istanbul, my favorite city, then to Tuscany to celebrate the 40th birthday of a close friend (a few days by the pool in the Tuscan country side, sipping Prosecco, chatting with girlfriends… joy!) — and last but not least a week’s holiday with family from near and far (Luxembourg, Barcelona, and Naples) in Trieste and Croatia…

Instead, the real beach time will come in late August when I’ll be joining Gloria and her family and friends at the Kundalini Yoga Training – a week of intense yoga training on the beautiful Greek island of Kythira.

What are your summer holiday plans?

About transitiongirl

Yogini/yoga teacher, budding photographer, diver, development worker, on a journey of discovery and transition, now in Kosovo
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